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How to Socialize Your Baby Cats and Introduce Them to Other Pets

Baby Cats: Everything You Need to Know About These Adorable Furballs

Baby cats, also known as kittens, are some of the most precious and popular pets in the world. They are cute, playful, curious, and cuddly. But they also require special care and attention to grow up healthy and happy. Whether you are thinking of adopting a baby cat or already have one at home, here are some facts and tips to help you understand and enjoy these furry friends.

What Are Baby Cats?

Baby cats are young felines that belong to the domestic cat species (Felis catus). They are born after a gestation period of about 66 days, usually in a litter of two to five kittens. They are completely dependent on their mother for food, warmth, and protection for the first four weeks of their life.

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How Do Baby Cats Look Like?

Baby cats have some distinctive features that make them different from adult cats. For example:

  • They have blue eyes that may change color as they grow older.

  • They have soft fur that may vary in length, color, and pattern depending on their breed.