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Download Pinkfong Dino World: Kids Game APK for Android - Learn and Play with Dinosaurs

Pinkfong Dino World: A Fun and Educational Game for Kids

Do you have a kid who loves dinosaurs? Do you want to find a game that is both fun and educational for your kid? If so, you should check out Pinkfong Dino World, a game that lets you play with the best dinosaurs from the Jurassic period. Pinkfong Dino World is a game created by SmartStudy, the company behind the popular Pinkfong brand. It is available for Android devices as an APK file that you can download from In this article, we will tell you what Pinkfong Dino World is, how to download and install it, what you can do in it, and why it is good for your kid.

pinkfong dino world apk file

How to Download and Install Pinkfong Dino World APK File

If you want to play Pinkfong Dino World on your Android device, you need to download and install the APK file from Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Go to the official website of and search for Pinkfong Dino World in the search bar.