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European Truck Simulator Mod APK 3.1 - Drive Across 20+ Cities with Amazing Trucks

European Truck Simulator Mod APK 3.1: A Review

Do you love driving trucks across Europe? Do you want to experience the thrill of being a real trucker? If yes, then you should try European Truck Simulator Mod APK 3.1, a simulation game that lets you drive various trucks in realistic environments. In this article, we will review this game and tell you why you should download it.

european truck simulator mod apk 3.1

What is European Truck Simulator?

European Truck Simulator is a game developed by Ovidiu Pop, a popular developer of simulation games. The game was released in 2015 and has been downloaded by millions of players worldwide. The game allows you to choose from 12 different European truck brands, such as Volvo, Scania, Mercedes-Benz, and more. You can also customize your truck with various parts and accessories, such as paint, wheels, lights, horns, etc.

The game features more than 20 realistic cities in Europe, such as Berlin, Prague, Madrid, Rome, Paris, and more. You can drive across country roads, highways, and offroads, and enjoy the scenic views along the way. You can also encounter different weather conditions and day/night cycles, which add to the realism of the game.

The game has a career mode, where you can make money by completing various missions and deliveries. You can use the money to buy new trucks and upgrades, or to hire other drivers to work for you. You can also explore the trucking world and discover new places and routes.

The game also has an online multiplayer mode, where you can challenge your friends or other players from around the world. You can show off your customized truck and compete with others in different modes, such as racing, convoy, or free ride. You can also chat with other players and make new friends.

How to download and install the mod apk

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